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Spring  Semester

11 September to 4 December



11 September

Introduction to DNA:  Are you considering having your DNA tested to support your family history research?

Have you been tested and are now wondering how to make sense of your results?


Ros Escott co-ordinates the DNA Interest Group for the Hobart Branch of the Tasmanian Family History Society. She has considerable experience with exploring DNA to make connections with cousins, prove (or disprove!) traditional family history research, and to uncover secrets in the family.

Marje Turner (0474208585)

18 September

Floating Bridge over the Derwent River in Hobart: A pictorial and oral history.

Colin Dennison will bring his vast photographic collection of Hobart’s history.

Dave Kitchener (62503346)

25 September

Rafting across the Atlantic:  An intrepid journey.


Dave Hildred, a local Peninsula resident, will tell us about this amazing trip.

Ron Gosman (0458625027)

2 October

Music:  Bring along your favourite CDs for an explanation of musical pieces, history etc.  (Please email your music details to hkerrsmith@bigpond.com before the end of September).

Brian Sykes is a U3A member who regularly presents this music segment.

Helen KerrSmith (0429203172)

9 October

Researching Convict Industries on Tasman Peninsula: This talk brings together some of the main findings from the three-year Australian Research Council-funded project, Landscapes of Production and Punishment: the Tasman Peninsula 1830-77.

Richard Tuffin is a Research Fellow with the School of Humanities, University of New England



Marje Turner (0474208585)

16 October

Excursion to the Botanical Gardens

Further details to be advised.

Anni McGinniss (0488336797)

23 October

Ethiopia:  An interesting presention of Anne Duffield’s holiday.

Anne Duffield is a part-time resident of the Peninsula, and intrepid traveler.


Helen Stone (0448047720)


30 October

Captain Owen Stanley and the Convict Coal Mines at Saltwater River:  Captain Owen Stanley and his artworks provide valuable clues for Historian Peter Dermoudy’s research into the workings of the Convict Coal Mines.

Peter Dermoudy is a regular presenter to U3A, with interesting stories.


Helen KerrSmith (0429203172)

6 November

Remembering Convict Women and Orphan School Children.  Almost 13,000 convict women, together with more than more than 2,000 of their free children, arrived in Van Diemen’s Land from 1803 to 1853. On arrival, the women were sent to the Cascades Female Factory or a similar institution, and their children were sent to the bleak and miserable Orphan Schools at New Town. In all, nearly 6,000 children, mostly the children of convicts, were admitted to the Orphan Schools from 1828 to 1879. This paper looks at the lives of some of the convict women and orphan school children.

Dr Dianne Snowden, Adjunct Researcher, History & Classics, University of Tasmania

Eileen Faux (0467453006)

13 November

Fun with your Android Tablet/Phone.

Graeme Ingram currently presents to U3A Hobart, Kingborough and Glenorchy and the Kingston Library.    Graeme is retired but worked for almost 40 years in the information and technology and communications industry.

Eileen Faux (0467453006)

20 November

What the (Tasmanian) devil is going on?  The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program is a comprehensive and wide-ranging response to the threat of extinction of the Tasmanian devil. https://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/wildlife-management/save-the-tasmanian-devil-program/about-the-program


David Pemberton is Manager of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.  As a researcher and academic, Dr Pemberton has published extensively on the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) and is a passionate advocate for our marsupial carnivore. He is the co-author of Tasmanian devil : a unique and threatened animal.

Karmen Pemberton (0409935089)

27 November

Walking holiday in Tuscany

Karmen Pemberton: Karmen is a member of Tasman U3A and currently serves on the Committee. She and her husband are active retirees who love walking locally. Karmen will tell us about their stay on a working farm in Tuscany and exploration of the surrounding countryside.

Karmen Pemberton (0409935089)

4 December

End of Year Luncheon

Phoenix Farm, Boomer Bay.

Helen Stone (0448047720)