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News & Events.


Sept-Dec VD3232 – U3A Poster_A3_2022

The Spring semester will get underway next Wednesday 14 September from 10am to 11.30/12noon, and will conclude with Christmas Lunch on the 7 December. U3A has secured some fascinating presenters for this year’s programme at the Tasman Community Centre, Taranna, and we are continuing with Mah-jong at the Lufra Hotel on Wednesday afternoons (from beginners to seasoned players welcome).

This Wednesday 28 September 2022 there is a change to the guest speaker,

Ngaire Hobbins is unable to make it and PHILIP HALLAM has come to the rescue and will talk about:

Creative Photography is probably the most unpopular genres in photography.


Because it takes a lot of planning, unconventional lighting, gathering and arranging props but most of all, the ability to look at ordinary things differently. Then these items  are photographed into pieces of art. It can take hours to get items to look how I want them to into the camera. Editing them can also take hours.

Some are single shots and others maybe many shots blended together in the Digital Darkroom or editing programme.

Distorted Reality is one of my favourite parts of Creative Photography. It can give me the chance to make a comment on social or political events, much the same way as a cartoonist does. Mostly it is simply playing with words to create an amusing story. Distorted Reality must have a sense of realism, otherwise it loses its impact. Blending items together with different lighting to create the reality is the hardest skill to develop.

My friend and I have a challenge topic for every day of the year and our 1,000th day is this Monday.

Those topics may be interpreted in any way we wish.

Every Wednesday September to December 2022

10.00am to 11.30/12noon

Tasman Community Centre, Gourlay Street, Taranna



 Every Wednesday September to December 2022

1pm – 2pm

The Lufra Hotel, Eaglehawk Neck

We hope you can make it, it doesn’t have to be every week, just when you can., you are more than welcome to join us anytime.


One of our Management Committee members was inspired to take the photo above of the big horizontal geological cliff face of Deep Glen Bay and The Sisters, on Forestier Peninsula.

Tasman U3A celebrated its 20th anniversary in November 2017.